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Livingstone – a Winter Walk

A forecast of a cold foggy morning did not deter four of us as we met at Glenn’s place for the Livingstone Forest excursion. We travelled in one car to the advertised meeting place at the Uranquinty Bakery. Despite being foggy all the way, Nella found that by keeping the speed down as did all the other drivers on the road, the driving wasn’t at all onerous.  We had allowed for slower travel and in fact arrived at the Bakery with 10 minutes before the meeting time of 9am.  Naturally we waited for others to turn up with a coffee.

Encouraged by the friendly service – advising us to sit at the warmest table – we waited until 9:30 before continuing on minus more company.  Approaching the National Park we encountered gaps in or rose above the fog.  In one of the gaps Nella spotted a number of Flame Robins scattered along the roadside fences.  Thoughts were that we should see more in Livingstone.

Saving our Superb Parrot project launch - Hovells Creek

29 Aug 2018 - 9:00am
Come along to celebrate the launch of the Saving our Superb Parrot Habitat restoration project, with information on the 4 year project, funding opportunities and how land managers can get involved!
There will be a walk and talk at Bennett Springs TSR with Damon Oliver (OEH), Graham Fifield (Greening Australia), Susie Jackson (NPWS) and Mikla Lewis (Young-Weddin Landcare) showing land managers how to identify potential habitat assets for protection and restoration for Superb Parrots.
When: 9am-1pm, Wednesday 29 August 
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