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Your Landcare group is important to your community and to your local environment. It is also important in the bigger picture. This is the national story of the Landcare movement; of communities working together across Australia to improve the environment.

The role of Landcare Australia is to promote Landcare and seek corporate involvement and support. Registering your group's details on the National Landcare Directory and telling your story contributes to this big picture. It enables us to include your group in our work of connecting volunteer projects with potential corporate support and sponsorship. By putting your group on the map, we can assist with connecting you with volunteers new to your area and to other groups with similar interests, projects and goals.

Registering on the NLD is also the first step to applying for grants managed by Landcare Australia. Once registered you become a member of the NLD and can then login at any time to submit grant reports, promote an event and publish stories about your group's projects and achievements.

Who can register?

Through the NLD, Landcare Australia is building up a picture of the full range of community 'care' groups across Australia, as well as the advocacy and support networks they have formed. You can register a group, network, local, regional or state Landcare body.

What information is required?

To effectively connect your group, we need to know a little about your group, its goals and the area within which it works. We need contact details for a primary contact. We can also link to your website as well as promoting your events on our website.

Registration is a 3 Step process which should take you about 10 minutes to complete. You do need to finish and submit the initial registration form in one session. Once you have registered you can login at any time to make changes to your group's profile.

What about privacy?

You get to choose whether or not your group's primary contact information is made public. When you register you can choose one of three levels of visibility. Your group's primary contact information can be made freely available; made available only to Landcare support organisations (such as State-level Landcare bodies) or not available at all.

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