Getting it right: flood mitigation that balances environmental, production and infrastructure needs.

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The Kyeamba Valley and Tarcutta Valley Landcare groups are working together to explore options for flood mitigation and erosion control. In 2010, devastating floods caused significant environmental and infrastructure damage and caused havoc for farming properties still recovering from drought. The area was again adversely impacted by flooding in early 2012. This highlighted the community’s need to learn new skills and techniques to help rebuild ecosystems.

Streambank erosion workshop

The Landcare groups and local farmers expressed a keen desire for greater understanding, knowledge and expertise in flood mitigation to minimise damage whilst balancing environmental, production and infrastructure needs. There are three key elements to this project:

  1. A streambank erosion workshop. Topics to include:
    • Planning for natural disasters such as floods, to minimise potential damage and enhance recovery efforts;
    • What land managers can do to make their properties more resilient in the face of such disasters;
    • How farmers can better manage vulnerable riparian habitat on or adjacent to their properties.
  2. Establishment of demonstration sites to trial new techniques
  3. A healthy waterways & frogs - family field day

The Streambank Erosion Workshop was held on 12th September:

» Workshop report

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