GPS Tuition at Wattle Dam, Binya State Forest - 24 March 2018

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MFN's Garmin GPS tracking deviceThe day started well with us all turning up early at the cross roads meeting place.

We then headed along the Whitton Stock Route Rd, come Barrys Scenic Drive to the Wattle Dam turn off. We were advised to go further until seeing the gate on the right and turn in to follow the track back to Wattle Dam, as the ramp is too high for normal vehicles to negotiate. Well.... if wanting a good 4WD track to manoeuvre then that is for you!

We arrived eventually without too many scratches or blown tyres, to a dry Wattle Dam. Some of us had not seen it ever drying up.

Anyway we were issued the MFN's Garmin GPS tracking devices each to learn the navigational skills. It took a while to understand the technology of these devices, but once we were put in the right direction, there was no stopping us. It became fun....

The evening was warm while we sat by the miserable looking dam in the shade of the old box tree eating our supper and observing only a small number of birds passing by before the sun went down. Mulga Parrots, Diamond Doves, Jacky Winters and Splendid Wrens were of note. What amazed us greatly was the number of wallabies and grey kangers that came by to the edge of the dam looking for water and observing us. Sue felt that it was her duty to alleviate the situation by emptying her drinking water into the centre of the dam that was still slightly damp...

Virginia Tarr