Our walk up to Eagle Falls

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At the top of the Eagle Falls Virginia TarrDusky Woodswallow Graham RussellOur Woolshed Flats to Eagle Falls bushwalking excursion in the Cocoparra National Park, on Saturday 26th August was a success with a fine fresh sunny day and 7 energetic walkers.

The Hakea Wattles were out in full bloom. The Ironbarks Eucalyptus sideroxylon were in flower attracting the birds of all-sorts. Graham Russell captured a Dusky Woodswallow on camera, drinking nectar from a eucalyptus flower.

We weaved through the trees of White Cypress Pines, Hill Tea-trees, Heath Myrtle, an occasional Grevillea bush and Hedge Wattle, following the GPS that Eric had set up. We were careful not to step on the Blue Caladenia Orchids that were scattered all along the ridge. The Cranberry Heath was surviving the dry conditions. The Mulga ferns were surviving in small patches and Rowena found the Blanket fern tucked in a rock crevice at the falls.

We arrived to the Eagle falls to find that it was bone dry, except for a small isolated pool of water for the birds and animals to drink from. We rested by having a late morning tea and admiring the distant scenery and the rocks around us, whilst listening to Eric's interesting account of the geological history of the area. We watched and listened to the birds flying by adding them to our list, (see below).

The way back was easier, avoiding a steep section through rocks, though we needed to be careful going through the pines with their many dead small limbs reaching out ready to scratch or take our hats off!

We decided to move onto Store Creek to join with the Narrandera Camera Club. It was a relaxing time of exchanging experiences and many more birds to observe. I'm sure that there were a greater number of birds there than there are on the list due to there not being an experienced birdo with us.

We soaked up the sun's rays until the tree shadows and time forced us to move on, and blessing the wonderful day we had. Thankyou all.

Virginia Tarr.