Water, water everywhere and good enough to drink!

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Phelbopus marginatus fungus

What a delight it was to see the magic of flowing water in the Cocoparras although we forded a few floodways across the road to get there.

At one spot at Duncan’s Creek there was this amazing sight of crystal clear water pouring from a huge rock and disappearing a few metres away as though gulped by an invisible aquifer for its depleted system. It was a magic trick provided by Nature.

The rains had awoken the Earth’s dormancy and a patch of huge yellow fungi the size of a large dinner plate astounded us along with delicate long stalked ones with caps as shiny as polished glass and many more.  Ferns and seedlings (of everything it seemed) flourished early, too anxious to wait for spring.  

The wonderful waterfalls and streams at Woolshed Flats, the wombat holes with fresh scats at Duncan Creek, the company of good friends and the beauty of a green world made the day memorial.

Sue Chittick-Dalton

At Woolshed Flats there were other families visiting the fast flowing water falls and exploring the rocks and woodlands. The place was magical with mosses, lichen, healthy ferns, green grasses and running streams.

The walking track was easy, well defined with only one small jump over the stream on the short track up to the falls. There had been a few trees blown over near the first waterfall due to strong winds recently. 

Overall it was an exhilarating day of wonders.

Virginia Tarr.