Keeping up with the Superb Parrot

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The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage has  launched an online survey tool making it easier for communities to record sightings of the Superb Parrot, one of the state’s most magnificent, but threatened bird species.

Mainly found in NSW’s South West Slopes, the Superb Parrot is also known to occur across the Northern Tablelands and Riverina districts.

Creating an online survey tool is a way for the wider NSW community to record sightings and other relevant data on the Superb Parrot that will ultimately be used to make conservation decisions for its survival.

The data collected through these surveys is invaluable to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) as it records the abundance and distribution of this threatened species on private land, data that has not previously been recorded.

Data captured through this new online survey tool will go straight to the Atlas of Living Australia and be shared with the BioNet Atlas of NSW Wildlife that is used to make planning and assessment decisions.

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